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Reset for a Lifetime


Tracie Randolph, The Reset Coach is a certified health coach, certified life coach, personal trainer, bestselling international author, speaker, television show host, survivor and mom. Her passion for health, nutrition, fitness, and overall holistic wellness was born from her own struggles with breast cancer. She perceives having cancer as one of the most amazing events that happened in her life; leading her to a life of purpose to point others towards optimal health.

As a health coach her mission is to help women leaders become lean, fit, and forever feeling sexy by resetting the mindset to transform the body.  She motivates her clients to cultivate positive health choices. She understands how intimately challenging yet how satisfying it can be to make sustainable lifestyle changes that have a lasting impact on overall health and wellness

Tracie received her health coaching certification from Health Coach Institute, whose program is accredited by the International Coach Federation. In addition to her health coaching certification, Tracie has a life coaching certification from Women Empowered International Breakthru University.

In addition to being a coach, Tracie is bringing health and wellness to millions of homes across the globe through her show, The Whole Living Show.  The Whole Living Show also provides businesses, focused on an area of wellness, the opportunity to showcase their passion and mission to promote healthy living.

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