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Tracie Randolph

is a mom, breast cancer survivor, certified health coach, certified life coach, personal trainer, bestselling international author, speaker, and television show host.   Her passion for health, nutrition, fitness, and overall holistic wellness was born from her own struggles with breast cancer.  She perceives having cancer as one of the most amazing events that happened in her life; leading her to a life of purpose to point others towards optimal health. 

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As a health coach her mission is to help women leaders become lean, fit, and forever feeling sexy by resetting the mindset to transform the body.  She motivates her clients to cultivate positive health choices. She understands how intimately challenging yet how satisfying it can be to make sustainable lifestyle changes that have a lasting impact on overall health and wellness.

Tracie enjoys touring the globe to educate, and inspire families and communities to live well, by fostering healthy sustainable lifestyles.  She is  a leader in corporate wellness; helping women leaders prioritize their own well-being by managing stress, eating healthy, exercising, increasing energy, implementing self-care, and balancing work and home life.  She also conducts live workout classes around the globe with her team of phenomenal instructors to combine fun with fitness.

In addition, Tracie is bringing health and wellness to millions of homes across the globe through her show, The Whole Living Show.  The Whole Living Show also provides businesses, focused on an area of wellness, the opportunity to showcase their passion and mission.

Tracie received her health coaching certification from Health Coach Institute, whose program is accredited by the International Coach Federation.  In addition to her health coaching certification, Tracie has a life coaching certification from Women Empowered International’s Breakthru University.  


She is a four time author having co-authored; the bestseller Women Empowering Women; Break the Mold and Make a Difference, Level Up; The Handbook to Unleash Your Greatness, Spiritual Fitness Survivor; How to Turn Your Struggles into Strengths 2nd Edition and The Handbook to Developing Human Equity: World Civility – The Missing Element.

Tracie is also pursuing her life’s passion by aligning with organizations that are focused on enhancing and enriching lives.  Tracie is the Owner and CEO of The Reset Coach LLC, The Reset Global Group LLC, and two television shows on demand, The Whole Living Show and FEM Talk on e360tv Network.  Tracie is a member of Women Empowered International where she also serves as a member of the planning committee. She is also a volunteer for the Power of WE Symposium, Gabes’ Heart Foundation and ATBA Impact Group.

Being the mom of a smart, inquisitive, and loving son, is a major part of her life’s joy. Because of her son, Tracie approaches her clients with curiosity and care in a Reset frame of mind.

Her program, “The 90 Day Mind Body Reset” a Whole Living model, was born out of her desire to effect sustainable lifestyle changes that promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and health coach full time, Tracie was a corporate executive in the financial services industry having worked for three major global investment banks.  During her tenure in financial services, she managed multiple teams in the United States, India, and China.  She managed over $50 billion in assets under management for several major private equity clients.

Although she is no longer working in financial services, she credits her experience in the industry as one of the driving forces in her desire to help woman leaders be at their best and healthiest.  The optimal version of a woman creates healthier families and communities which Tracie will continue to foster, support, and encourage.

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